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Mega Hobbes
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We have exciting news! Are you ready for the upcoming DLC pack for Calvin and Hobbes: Cross Tag Battle?!
DLC CHARACTER REVEAL #1: Pickle Rick (Rick and Morty) Pickle Rick: I'm Pickle Rick!!! PICKLE RICK IS ON THE WAY!!! Gameplay footage shows Pickle Rick (in Harry Herpson High School) doing his moves and combos beating the crap out of Hobbes then doing his powerful move blasting his big laser. DLC CHARACTER REVEAL #2: Phoenix Person (Rick and Morty) PHOENIX PERSON IS ON THE WAY!!! PP: I am Phoenix Person. Phoenix Person enters the scene (in a Science Lab) like Cyber-Akuma, then performs his moveset and combos on Fone Bone then does his powerful attack using his laser-eye attack across the stage then the stage explodes. DLC CHARACTER REVEAL #3: Rolf (Ed Edd n Eddy) ROLF IS ON THE WAY!!! Rolf: Do not mock the son of a shepherd! (taking place on Rolf's farm) Rolf performs his moveset on Calvin, then performs his special move (You have broken the celery stalk on the back of a sea urchin!) where Rolf takes off his shirt and is beating the crap out of Calvin. CALVIN AND HOBBES: CROSS TAG BATTLE DLC CHARACTER PACK COMING SOON
But wait! What's this?! Steven Universe and OK KO! Let's Be Heroes is on the way?! Holy crap! STEVEN UNIVERSE AND KO ARE ON THE WAY! MAKE WAY FOR STEVEN UNIVERSE AND OK KO! LET'S BE HEROES! Gameplay shows Steven Universe (on a beach stage) performing his moves on Edd (Double D) beating the crap out of him as well as doing his TAG DUO attack (where he does his special and another character comes out to help him) alongside KO. Another clip shows Enid and Pearl beating the crap out of Summer Smith. Another gameplay footage shows KO (taking place at a convenience store) battling Morty Smith performing his moves on him then his powerful attack. Other characters include: Rad, Garnet and Amethyst and more characters for the future, so stay tuned for that!
In BBTAG, we've got BlazBlue, Persona 4, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY and now Arcana Heart?! No freakin' way! Oh my god this is so exciting!!! Do you think we'd get Guilty Gear? That we'll have to wait. But for this version it is different. In CHTAG we've got Calvin and Hobbes, Ed Edd n Eddy, Rick and Morty and Bone and now Steven Universe and OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!?! No freakin' way! Oh my god this is so exciting!!! As the visual has Ragna (upper left), Jin (upper right) and Ruby (upper middle) in the upper area, below them are Teddy (left), Seth (right), Naoto Kurogane (middle left) and the new character, Heart Aino (middle right), this one has: Calvin (upper left), Hobbes (upper right) and Fone Bone (upper middle) in the upper area, below them are the new characters, Enid (left), Garnet (right), K.O. (middle left) and, Steven Universe (middle right) All rights belong to Arc System Works, Atlus, French Bread, Rooster Teeth and EXAMU. These other rights belong to Bill Watterson, Danny Antonucci, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Jeff Smith, Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey with the companies not being limited to which include Andrews McMeel, Scholastic, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. (both part of Warner) All rights reserved.