Folowing is a short intro to how you can create your own Calvin and Hobbes strips. You should read the how-to before you start making strips, since it explains how it works. As soon as you have read through it, click the button below.

This is what you'll need for it to work:
A registered account at this site.
A JavaScript-enabled browser. And yes, you will have to enable JavaScript.
No popup-blockers. Or at leas a popup-blocker that will let you popup the imageselector window on this site. Without it you will not be able to make strips.

This is how it works:
When you click the "Create" button above you will see four pictures of a red X. To make the strips interesting you will have to change these X'es into other pictures and give each picture a caption. To change the pictures just click them. A window will pop up presenting a list of categories for you to browse. When you find a picture in it that you like, just click it. The JavaScripts will replace the red X with the picture you selected. Then enter the caption for the picture in the textarea below it. You will also have to type in a title for the strip. this is usually a short hint about what the strip is about

What you should not do:
Do not use bad language and/or name-calling. No sexual content. Any such behaviour will result in a warning, and repeated offenses will get your account locked.
Do not send personal messages to other people in the strips. Any strips of this kind will be deleted. The forums are for sending messages and discussing Calvin and Hobbes stuff.
Submit strips with only the red X pictures in them. Such strips will be deleted, as they are a waste of space.