Playing Pocket Planes on your phone? Team up with DCH!

Join other Calvin and Hobbes fans in global events!

If you are playing the game Pocket Planes ( on your iPhone you can now team up with other Digital Calvin and Hobbes users to complete events (which typically is about getting 1000 pirates to a certain location, or something like that).

To join the team open the menu, select "Flight Crew" and set DCH as active flight crew. That's it, you're part of the DCH flight crew.

Go to gate! DCH is currently boarding!



Awesome! That means I get to play flight control on my iPod with DCH?




I making the Strip is Called *Calvin Watching Chuggingtion*!


I guess it is because, aside from this new "Comment on the News" thing, Chris has not updated the site for quite a while now.


I made that comment thinking that it wouldn't end up so prominent on the page as it is. I definitely wouldn't have posted that if I knew how it would look, but I can't delete it since there are absolutely no moderation tools for comments right now... bleh.


Looks like you can comment on news posts now. That's new.

My question is, why are completely inconsequential things like this being reported in the news, yet actual updates to the site are not, and really important things (like finishing the 2012 strip archives) just don't happen at all? Sounds like some backwards priorities here.

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