Dedicated fans

In this section I will do interviews and profiles of really dedicated fans.

From time to time I notice people that really go out of their way to make a tribute to Calvin and Hobbes. Usually this is the webmaster of a Calvin and Hobbes site, but it doesn't have to be. By interviewing them, I will try to show you a glimpse of what goes on in the world and mind of a truly dedicated Calvin and Hobbes Fan.

Adam McCaffery

This is an interview with this sites #1 fan. He visits the sites more often than anyone else, he is the one that starts the most discussions, and he has made THE MOST strips in the "Make your own strips" section here at Calvin and Hobbes - Resurrected. So, who is this guy that likes Calvin and Hobbes so much? It's Adam McCaffery, of course. Born January 3rd 1988, he is a fourteen year old boy from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. But let's get to know Adam a little better. He cannot be just a regular guy to come up with all those strips? Let's find out what it takes to be a "Bill Watterson".