Calvin has to be one of the most difficult six year old boys there is. Judging by his imagination, I think he is destined to become something great.


Hobbes is probably the smartest tiger I've seen. I got a stuffed tiger myself a few years ago, and of course I had to name him Hobbes. Mine isn't even close to being as sofisticated as THE Hobbes, though.

Calvins parents

Being a parent myself I think I know pretty well how Calvins parents must feel sometimes. Sometimes I catch myself thinking "That's something Calvin would do!" when my kids perform some of their crazy stunds or comes up with weird ideas.

Susie Derkins

Is she a slimy girl or is she not? You decide. Personally I think she reminds me about several girls I went to school with more than a few years ago.

Miss Wormwood

If being Calvins parents is hard, being his teacher must be even worse! I can't even imagine how crazy I would go if I was a teacher and had a student like that in my class.


I know who was my babysitter when I was a child, but I don't remember what it was like. I'm pretty sure none of my babysitters were anything like Rosalyn, though.


I sure have met my share of Moes through the years.