The New Calvin and Hobbes RPG Adventures! Ep 1: Calvin vs. Bike!
Jakey Emm
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      Grumpy Calvin   
(Our story begins in Calvin's room in the middle of the night. Hobbes is fast asleep, but Calvin is awake, pondering. He hears a door creaking.) Calvin: What was that? ...Who's there? (The door slowly opens, showing Calvin's bike standing in the doorway, poised to attack) Calvin: AIEE! IT'S MY BIKE! IT'S BEEN WAITING UP HERE TO KILL ME!
Bike draws near! Calvin: 20 HP Bike: 10 HP Calvin threw a punch! Bike suffered 3 damage! Bike rammed and trampled Calvin! Calvin suffered 4 damage!
Calvin threw a punch! Bike suffered 4 damage! Bike sped into Calvin! Calvin suffered 5 damage! Calvin threw a punch! Bike suffered by 3 damage! Bike was defeated!
Calvin wins! 5 EXP gained... Calvin LEVEL UP! HP went up by 10! SP went up by 3! Fight went up by 2! Defence went up by 2! Brainpower went up by 3! Luck went up by 1! Calvin discovered the power of Yo-Yo Slice!