Do you know the way? Ugandan Calvin and hobbes
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Susie Derkins         
(Susie’s just walking when she hears a noise) Calvin and Hobbes: * clicking tongue* Susie: what the?!
Hobbes: QUEEEN!! QUEENN! (Continuous tongue clicking) Calvin: Hold it, brudda hobbes, We must ask her if she knows the way Susie: calvin? Calvin: greetings, Susie. Do you know de way?
Susie: Yes. Hobbes: You have to have Ebola to know the way. Susie: I have Ebola. Calvin: ITs Official, WE HAVE A QUEEN! (Calvin and hobbes tongue click and go closer to Susie) Susie: well I gotta go. Calvin: FAKE QUEEEEN
(Calvin unleash water balloons filled with spit on susie)