Calvin in MUGEN
Mega Hobbes
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      WHAP the baseball    Calvin behind a tree
WELCOME TO MUGEN, THE CUSTOMIZABLE ARCADE-STYLE 2D FIGHTING GAME FOR YOUR PC, CREATE YOUR OWN CHARACTER OR STAGE AND SEE THEM IN ACTION. CHARACTER SELECT (RESEMBLING THE CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN FROM CAPCOM VS. SNK 2): CALVIN GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE. CALVIN VS. SHIRO (WITH THE VERSUS SCREEN RESEMBLING STREET FIGHTER ALPHA/ZERO 2) STAGE: CYBERSPACE Calvin: Bring it, let's do this! Shiro (NGNL): (speaking Japanese) You won't get away with this! Battle 1 - START! (HUD RESEMBLES GUILTY GEAR X2 WITH THE HEALTH BAR AND POWER GAUGE) (Calvin performs a combo, 10 hits!) Shiro lost 30% of her health! Shiro tries to attack Calvin but he blocks it, therefore doing no damage, Calvin throws Shiro doing 40% damage, Shiro performs a strong attack, but Calvin blocked, Calvin performs an uppercut, dealing 20% damage to Shiro, causing her to become dizzy/stunned, Calvin's going in and he kicks Shiro and knocks her out! K.O.! (Shiro shouts NO! echo-y) Calvin WIN. PERFECT! Shiro is on the ground and Calvin does a peace symbol like Roomi from Galaxy Fight. Battle 2 - START! Calvin's power gauge is full, meaning he can perform an instant kill/fatal K.O. like Guilty Gear, Persona 4 Arena or Hokuto no Ken, OH MY GOD, HE IS DOING IT! Calvin performs an instant kill which has him playing Ultimate Calvinball (IK move), hitting multiple volleyballs with a tennis racquet (or baseball bat) and sending her flying with a golf club, Super Smash Bros. style. K.O.! Calvin WIN! PERFECT! Shiro: (speaking Japanese) Forgive me brother. Victory Screen similar to Persona 4 Arena. Calvin: Guess who's number one now! You'd better believe that!
NEXT STAGE. GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE. CALVIN VS. RORY MERCURY (GATE) STAGE: WAR FIELD Calvin: Bring it, let's do this! Rory Mercury: You got a death wish? I'll grant that wish for you. Battle 1 - START! Rory Mercury slashes Calvin with her Scythe, doing 30% damage to his health, Calvin whacks her with a baseball bat 4 times, doing 40% of her health, Rory Mercury slashes Calvin but Calvin blocked, only doing 5% damage, Calvin transforms into Spaceman Spiff, blasting a large laser at Rory Mercury doing 50% of her health, Spiff transforms back into normal, Rory Mercury is dizzy, Calvin imitates Hadoken using 25% of his power gauge and knocks her out! K.O.! Calvin Win Rory Mercury with a hmph pose, all calm, Calvin gives out a thumbs up. Battle 2 - START! Calvin strikes Rory Mercury with a baseball bat twice doing 40% damage to her, Rory Mercury strikes Calvin with her scythe, dealing 30% damage to him, Calvin hits a baseball at Rory Mercury doing 40% of her health, causing her to become dizzy. Calvin then whacks her with his Golf Club knocking her out. K.O.! Calvin WIN. Rory Mercury on the ground defeated saying "Whatever", Calvin says WOOHOO! Like Homer Simpson. Booyah! Calvin: Guess who's number one now! You'd better believe that!
NEXT STAGE. GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE. CALVIN VS. KIRIGAYA KAZUTO/KIRITO(SAO/DBFC) STAGE: Dystopia Calvin: Bring it, let's do this! Kirito: (Speaking Japanese) I'm not going to lose here! Battle 1 - START! Kirito slashes his two swords at Calvin, doing 40% of his health, Calvin does a long punch from the far left side doing 30% damage to Kirito then another punch from the right doing 20% damage to Kirito causing him to become Dizzy and Calvin transforms into a Dinosaur and stomps on him and it knocks him out (dealing 50% damage to him) K.O. Calvin WIN. Kirito: (Speaking Japanese) I lost... (all dizzy) Calvin is like hmph calmly. Battle 2 - START! Calvin performs a Burst against Kirito causing his power gauge to become 100%, Calvin performs his instant kill move and it instantly knocks out Kirito. Calvin WIN. PERFECT! Calvin: Guess who's number one now! You'd better believe that!
NEXT STAGE. GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE. CALVIN VS. SHIZUO(DURARARA/DBFC) STAGE: DOWNTOWN TOKYO Calvin: Bring it, let's do this! Shizuo: (Speaking Japanese) I'm not going easy on you! Battle 1 - START! Shizuo shoots Calvin with his gun repeatedly, Calvin does a small punch doing 10% of Shizuo's health and Shizuo does a Gun barrage and it knocks out Calvin. K.O. Calvin LOSE! Calvin: (Dizzy) Battle 2 - START! Calvin spawns a killer snowman who freezes Shizuo and it does 25% of his health, Calvin whacks a frozen Shizuo with his golf club, dealing 20% of Shizuo's health, Shizuo shoots his gun but Calvin blocks, doing only 5% of his health, Calvin performs a 10-hit combo on Shizuo, leaving him with only 5% health and Calvin does a Shoryuken against him and it knocks him out. K.O.! Calvin WIN! Calvin: You aren't worthy of defeating me. Battle 3 - START! Calvin becomes Stupendous Man and performs a super-move on Shizuo, doing 55% of his health, Shizuo tries to punch and kick Calvin but it only did 15% of his health because he blocked, Calvin becomes Tracer Bullet and spawns a bullet barrage on Shizuo knocking him out (doing 55% of his health once again). K.O.! Calvin WIN! Calvin: Guess who's number one now! You'd better believe that!