Animation Crossover Bowling PV
Mega Hobbes
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COMING SOON: CROSSOVER BOWLING Did I hear that announcement? Am I going to bowl with other characters from other works as well? I am quite excited to hear that.
That's right. Here is a list of who we are bowling with:
Here's who we and others bowl with for Round 1: Calvin and Sakura Kinomoto vs. Homer Simpson and Gene Starward Round 2: Eddy and Hikaru Shido vs. Rick Sanchez and Yu Narukami Round 3: Eric Cartman and Johnny Bravo vs. Ichigo Kurosaki and Phillip J. Fry
Round 4: Hobbes and Artoria Pendragon vs. Peter Griffin and Edward Elric Round 5: Mordecai and Renji Abarai vs. Meatwad and InuYasha Round 6: Jack (SJ) and Ruby Rose vs. Spike (CB) and Arnold Shortman More coming soon...