The Beginning Of Calvin And Hobbes’ ClubLife
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   Dancing to music    Dad reading paper    Digital Calvin and Hobbes create-a-strip panel 4
(It is 1996, the beginning of the worldwide Trance and techno Era of EDM and Calvin and Hobbes’ town legalized residents of Calvintown USA, including children and Calvin and Hobbes, to have access to all nightclubs and edm festivals) Calvin: Whoa! Hobbes look, we received a mysterious vinyl record from our music store! Hobbes: What are you waiting for? Let’s put it on!
(Song: Children By Robert Miles)
Dad: Honey, did you go to the Bloody TABLOIDS AGAIN? Seriously, (headline) ALL RESIDENTS OF CALVINTOWN INCLUDING CHILDREN HAVE ACCESS TO NIGHTCLUBS, FESTIVALS,RAVES, Stadium RAVES AND DJ STUDIOS ALL AROUND THE WORLD? Mom: I thought you liked kraftwerk? Dad: oh, I must be getting old.
Time to unlock the full potential of my profile. Bringing Calvin and his friends to experience the club life of the 90’s To now! ALL TRANCE ALL EDM ALL CALVIN AND HOBBES!!!