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Calvin and Hobbes watching TV          WHAP the baseball
Get ready for the next battle! Stage: Bowser's Castle 3 (Mario Kart Super Circuit) (Boiled Frogs by Alexisonfire plays) Hikaru Shidou (Magic Knight Rayearth) and Eddy (Ed Edd n Eddy) vs. Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes) and Fate Testarossa (Magical Lyrical Nanoha) (HUD resembles Neo Geo Battle Coliseum with the health bars/vitality gauges and energy bars/power gauges)
Eddy: Come on already! Hikaru: Bring it on! Calvin: Bring it! Fate: I'll take you on! Round 1: READY, GO! Eddy gets the first attack as he punches Calvin twice doing 100 of his HP (2 hits!), Hikaru slashes Calvin and Fate with her sword doing 300 DP to them, Calvin shoots twice with his slingshot against Hikaru doing 100 DP to her, Fate performs a special, but Hikaru dodged it (doing only 50 damage points) and Eddy jumped over it (dealing no damage/0 DP), Hikaru charges up for a Level 3 special while Eddy performs his special on Calvin dealing 500 DP to him. Hikaru then slashes Calvin killing him while also hitting Fate slashing her as well doing 300 damage to her leaving her with 400 HP. Hikaru Shidou then performs a super on Fate Testarossa killing her as well (500 HP has been dealt). K.O.! YOU WIN! Hikaru: Yeah! Eddy: FREE, ONCE FREE!
Round 2: READY, GO! Calvin transforms into Spaceman Spiff and shoots Hikaru and Eddy doing 200 DP to them (6 hits! First Attack!) Fate is charging up to perform her super while Hikaru slashes Calvin with her sword doing 300 DP to him. Fate is ready to do her Super and goes for it and attacks Eddy doing 500 damage to him (leaving him with 200 HP left while also dealing 200 DP to Hikaru). Eddy then performs a cancel but is getting totally kicked in the butt by Calvin which does 100 HP to him and then Calvin throws him killing him. Fate goes up to Hikaru and grabs her dealing 200 damage to her, Calvin then performs his special with Fate, killing Hikaru Shidou. K.O! YOU LOSE. Calvin: Come on, try harder than that! Fate: That was fun! Let's do it again!
Round 3: READY, GO! Hikaru slashes Calvin and Fate doing 300 damage to them while Eddy goes up to Fate and throws her doing 200 HP to her. Fate tries to attack Eddy with her staff but he dodges. Hikaru charges up while Eddy is kicking Calvin's butt in a 9-hit combo doing 350 damage to him. Hikaru is then ready to perform her special, which she does do on her which nearly kills her, leaving her with 100 HP and Calvin with 350. Calvin and Fate perform their duo special which Hikaru and Eddy dodge which deal no damage to them, Eddy and Hikaru charge up to maximum level while Calvin and Fate do the same thing but they are too late when Hikaru and Eddy perform their duo attack, killing them. K.O! YOU WIN! PERFECT! Eddy: Is that all you got?! Hikaru: Why do we have to fight each other? CUTSCENE PLAYS: Eddy: Well, that was a fun fight. We shall totally do it again! Calvin: You two were good. Hikaru: I've learned skills ever since I was becoming a Magic Knight with my 2 friends! Eddy: Hey! I've got two friends also! Fate: You do? You two are a trio? Hikaru and Eddy: Yep, just like the Powerpuff Girls. Fate: I was once an Enemy of Nanoha's, now I am a friend of hers and I fight alongside her! Calvin: Have you seen my friend? Hey HOBBES! Hobbes jumps into the scene. Hobbes: Yes, Calvin? Nanoha comes along too along with her teammates. Subaru: I saw the whole thing! Nanoha: Although you have lost, you still had a good time, right? Fate: Yep, not an issue. I've fought tougher enemies than that. Umi, Fuu, Ed and Edd come to the battlefield. Umi: You were awesome out there. Fuu: Yeah, you sure were! (Pleasure on her face next to Double D [Edd]) Edd: You did pretty good, Eddy. Ed: Yeah! You were like kicking butt out on the battlefield! Hikaru and Eddy shake hands with their competitors, Calvin and Fate, getting a big picture shot with everyone else and they all go back to their home universes. Merry Christmas to everyone on Digital Calvin and Hobbes! All rights belong to their respective owners.