DEATH BATTLE: Spaceman Spiff Vs. Gunvolt (Calvin and Hobbes and Azure Striker Gunvolt crossover)
Mega Hobbes
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         Spiff going in for crash landing
Spaceman: Spiff Vs. Adept: Gunvolt Let the battle begin!
Gunvolt: There you are, enemy. Spiff: What is it? The Muse/Lumen: This is a death battle. Where you fight to the death with one another. Gunvolt: Roger that. Spiff: Whoever you are, let us fight!
Spiff: Are you ready to suffer my deadly ray gun, Dumbvolt? Gunvolt: My name is Gunvolt. Go ahead, shoot that gun at me. Spiff shoots! He never scored or shot Gunvolt, he missed because Gunvolt used his electric force field that dodges enemy attacks and defeats them. Gunvolt: Oversurge! Astratosphere! Gunvolt defeated Spiff... Fatality.
The end. Copyright to Bill Watterson and Andrews McMeel Publishing and Keiji Inafune/Takuya Aizu and Inti Creates. I hope this causes no trouble with anyone due to its violence. This was just made for entertainment and I like both Calvin and Hobbes and Azure Striker Gunvolt. You should play that game as I have it already on my 3DS.