Calvin and Hobbes talk about old 2D Fighters
Mega Hobbes
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C: Wow! Look at that! We are here to talk about 2D fighting games from the 90's today We exclude 3D and present titles like Under Night-In Birth and BlazBlue from this list.
H: What we have here is Fatal Fury. I like Terry Bogard. He is awesome. Next up we got is Fighter's History. It is said to be a Street Fighter clone. It's okay. World Heroes is awesome. Dio (No, not Dio Brando) sure is scary when he fuses with Geegus! Advanced V.G. is quite awesome too even though it isn't from Arcades.
C: Here is the King of Fighters '94. I like 3 on 3 fighters. However, you cannot select your own teams until '95 onwards. Oh goodie, Rugal is a tough guy, even tougher when he's Omega in 98! We are showcasing Samurai Shodown II now. The characters are awesome! I love Nakoruru! She is cute! I too like Genjuro and of course, Haohmaru. Those guys rock! The final boss, Mizuki, is she a Reimu rip-off? Not really. The theme is epic but Samurai Shodown III has the best final boss (asides the other two) as he (Zankuro) has two forms like Amakusa in Samurai Shodown! He's tough. We are going to talk about Galaxy Fight! Ooh! The main protagonist, Rolf, he has the same name as that Ed Edd n Eddy character though he is nothing like him! He is a spaceman like Buzz Lightyear and me as Spaceman Spiff! Kazuma is that ninja dude and he is ready to kick butt! Juri is hot. The final boss of this game sure is hard! We won't be talking about Touhou FGs or Eternal Fighter Zero here. A lot of these FG bosses still have the power gauge and some do not like Akuma.
C: Now we are talking about the most well-known 2D fighter of the 90's, (we are excluding 3D fighters like Tekken and Virtua Fighter from here because they are not 2D) it is none other than Street Fighter II! I love the SNES/SFC version so much! I love Ryu, he is awesome! But I think Street Fighter III is better. Ooh, the most violent of its kind, Mortal Kombat! Just take a look at those gruesome fatalities! Ooh! (Can't watch!) and now we will be talking about the Last Blade and its sequel. It's awesome. Kaede (no, not that woman from InuYasha), that young man, he is awesome. Moriya is too cool to die. I like Yuki (Kaede's sister) too! That's rare for a fighter. A two-phase (round 1-2) fight! Kagami becomes ghost feet and arms in his second phase! Garou: Mark of the Wolves is awesome. Rock Howard is too cool to be defeated. Hotaru Futaba is cute. The bosses, Grant and Kain R. Heinlein (who has his health bar in the second round entirely T.O.P.) are tough guys. I almost forgot to tell you about Guilty Gear! It is awesome! I love Ky Kiske as much as I do with Sol Badguy. Those guys are awesome and all characters in that game have epic INSTANT KILLS that immediately end the stage in Normal mode! I have to talk about my favorite fighters of all the 90's! The Marvel fighting games! Yeah! Like X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-men Vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter and my favourite of all, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. I love that music! The final boss theme is epic too! Onslaught is tough, I love it! And there are much more out there, even in the present day.