CFII: And now back to the, strip.
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Calvin on doctors bench    Grumpy Calvin      
Calvin: We already conquered the goblin kingdom once! Why are you making us do it again? King: If you don't, our kingdom will be doomed! You'll have nowhere to live, no clothing... Calvin: So what? King: Ahem! And no food or water. Hobbes: WHAT? Calvin, we gotta get prepared fast!
Calvin: What's with these wimpy swords? King: All the knights have already set off, and they took all of our Royal Swords! Now all we have are these. Calvin: Couldn't you make more royal swords? Hobbes: Look on the bright side! At least the enemies have a chance this time, those old battles were so boring. Calvin: And that's a good thing? *CALVIN GOT WOODEN SWORD!* Hobbes: Oh, shut up. *HOBBES GOT WOODEN SWORD!*
Hobbes: Let's just go. Calvin: Heck no! Hobbes: Why? Calvin: Those knights can deal with it! Hobbes: Well, you may have a- ???: AAAAH! Hobbes: That sounds like someone's in trouble! It's coming from the forest! Hurry! Calvin: No way! Whoever that guy is, he can help himself! Hobbes: You'll get fired if you slack off on the job... Calvin: Ack! I don't want to be a peasant! All right, I'll go...
Calvin: So where was this scream? Hobbes: Somewhere over...there. Calvin: All right...hey, there! Look! ???: HELP! Calvin: There he...she is! Hobbes: I knew it was a girl, you know. I can tell. Calvin: All right, let's go get those things off her! *BATTLE MODE ENGAGED!*