The rules on this site are few and simple.

  • No swearing or lewdness allowed
  • No namecalling in the forums or the strips (the usual Calvin vs Hobbes child-friendly name calling is allowed)
  • No personal messages in the strips, please. It's more entertaining for everyone if the strips are generally funny.
  • Keep the violence in the strips under control. Hobbes pouncing Calvin and the two having fights is ok. Killing the babysitter is not. Transporting her in time back to the dinosaurs and such is ok.
  • If anyone starts namecalling or harassing in the forums: DO NOT REPLY. That would only spur the perpetrator on. By denying him/her the desired result (making a fuzz and upsetting others) he/she will go elsewhere.
  • NO SPAMMING! This goes for the forums AND for the strips. If you have a C&H site, add the link to the link section. Links to specific pages on sites may be OK if they are relevant to the forum and the topic being discussed.

Examples of allowed namecalling:
"I'll kick your butt, fur-face" and "don't sleep too tight tonight you hairless monkey" will be allowed.

Examples that will get your strip deleted:
You didn't really think I'd put any such examples here, did you? ;-)

Avatar guidelines:

1. Avatar size. Avatars should not be wider than about 100 pixels. If they are, they seal a large amount of space from the text area of the forum, and that's where the important stuff is. If having large (wide) banners becomes a "demand" I would rather see them in the tagline/footer of a message than in the left column.
2. Animated avatars. Animations are allowed (although I generally think animated gifs tend to mess up any design), but I will ask you to keep it discrete. I'd be happy if you kept it to slow rotations etc. That way our eyes won't be that stressed while we are reading the forums, as the animations draw attention.
3. Content in avatars. This site should be suitable for audience in all ages, so NO violence/blood/gore or adult stuff. Violating this rule will get your account closed immediately, no warnings, no questions asked!

Reporting abuse

If you find any strips of forum messages that break these rules, please report them to me through the feedback form. If you supply the link to the strip/message/other in the form I will be able to handle it immediately. (Just copy it from the address bar in your browser and paste it somewhere in the message text.) If you don't supply this I might not ba able to find and delete the bad content so quickly, as I would have to search through everything. A vague hint is better than no hint at all, so don't hesitate reporting violations of the rules.

Chris. . . .