We built this city!

Not on Rocn n' Roll, but on Calvin and Hobbes. Now you can help, too! Read more....

Yes, I am having another go at the minicity-thing. This time I've added a box to the front page, and all you have to do to help building DCH City is to click on the picture every now and then.

Each visitor will contribute with another inhabitant. Each visitor is only registered once a day, so there is no point in reloading the pages. When you've visited one day you've made a difference. Next day you can have another go. Of course you may visit as often as you like, and perhaps use the chat room etc.

Some times the url will point to a maintenance page. If that's the case there won't be a new inhabitant, but you help build a road, a factory, run the police etc. After all, those services are required for the inhabitants to thrive.

So, have a go at it. Click the picture and lets see how many inhabitants we can get during the summer!