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The old site is back

Calvin and Hobbes - Resurrected is up again

New functionality

Link to profiles and a new poll were added.


I made some changes to the signatures in the forums

New section

You can now see some fun facts.

Edit: New sections added

I added sections "Dedicated fans" and "Fan art".

Edit: New features

I have added a couple of new features.

Added some panels

I added a few panels to the create-a-strip

A few improvements

Fixed a couple of bugs and made some other improvements.

Some updates

Added breadcrumbs and changed the link list

Server was down

Server was down for a few hours yesterday.

Fixed a bug

There was a bug in the code that listed the strips.

Added Memory game

Added another game. Memory this time

Added RSS-feeds

Read this to learn how to use the RSS-feeds

Added a new game

I added a one-player version of the Tic Tac Toe.

More features again

I made som e more changes to the site.

Site slow/down

My ISP is experiencing problems

New features

Some new features were added to the site.