Latest news bulletins will go here.

Draw Calvin and Hobbes

Read this if you want to learn how to draw Calvin and Hobbes

Another PPT

Andrew sent me another Powerpoint Presentation

Login problems

There were some login problems.

Splitting sections

Fan art section is being split up

New Marshal

Taylor Floria has been appointed as marshal

More information

I added a section with a few rules.

Two new games are released

Whack-a-Moe and Moms mindreading is now ready for you

Donations for DCH archive recovery

I appreciate the thought, but I can't accept any donations at this time.

Server fixed

Feedback and all other services back online.

Server trouble

Features involving mail may be affected.

I'm still alive

I'll do some cleaning soon.

One new marshall

Kim is appointed marshall for now. Please read.

Premature headcount

It hseems like I was a bit early with the news about the record.

New record!

An all time high visitor count yesterday!

Improved bookstore

The bookstore has been improved a lot.See it under "Info"

Two more movies

Check out the fan art section


Images should replace the X'es right away now

Three downloads added

Jacob sent some files for the fan art section.