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Happy new year!

New category for 2009 is ready, first strip is in!

Three more

Another couple of panels from Tom, and one from Mike and Debbie

Some new panels

I added some new panels that Tom Wegener sent me. Still room for more.

Send me your panels

You want more pictures for the panels? Send me what you've got!

DCH minicity

Check out to help build the city!

New sponsor

They have some great stuff at really good prices

New pictures in create-a-strip

I uploaded 16 new images toe the create-a-strip.

New Marshall

Maryanne Freeman is now a marshall.

More problems

There were some more problems. Read on for more information.


Site seems to be back up now. Sorry for the inconvenience

New users

After some problems, users can register again.

Upgraded, but unstable

We are eperiencing a few problems, so I reverted the database.

Upgrading the site

I have temporarily disabled the login box, because I am upgrading the site right now. You will be able to log in as soon as things are back in order. Read more......

(Belated) Happy New Year!

A new year is on, and the menus have been updated.


You can now make donations to help keep this site up and running.

New marshal

Sam Haefner is now a marshal.

Upload files yourself!

Registered users can now upload files in the Fan Art section.

FIles up to date

All PPTs published, including one from newcommer Peter Smith

Another four files

One in the pictures section and three PPTs

Four new files

One in Executables, three in PPT