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New C&H forum on the web!

Norman has set up a new C&H Forum on the net!

Four new panels

Four new panels for the create-a-strip

New panels available

Seven new panels were added today. Now us 'em! :-D

Check out this tattoo

Austin sent me a picture of his tattoo. Check it out in the Fan art / Pictures section.

Not to worry, folks.

The site isn't shutting down until I say so.

Happy new year!

Section for 2010 is now up.

Calvin and Tiger

Emily's blog has an interesting twist to Calvin and Hobbes

In the air tonight

Sinfest has a tribute to C&H (?) Read on for link

Platform game and TMACH - Episode 3

Kevin sent a platform game, and Andrew released TMACH - Episode 3

TMACH Episode 2 is out

Andrew has already released the second episode!

New Calvin and Hobbes movie is out!

Andrew Martin has made a Calvin and Hobbes animated movie, exclusively for DCH!

We built this city!

Not on Rocn n' Roll, but on Calvin and Hobbes. Now you can help, too! Read more....

April fools!

Yes, it was a joke! The site will NOT be shut down anytime soon.

DCH is shutting down

Due to high hosting costs I have to take action.

Share on facebook

All strips now have a "Share on facebook" link that let you share them with your friends.