Fan art

Miscelanious pictures, movies and other stuff created by Calvin and Hobbes fans. If you have anything you would like to add to this section, don't hesitate to contact med. You can use the Feedback Form from the top menu to initiate contact, or you can mail me the file directly at .

NEW: Check out this software for making animations: I haven't tried it out yet myself, but I've had a look, and it looks pretty good.


Movies in movie formats. For now I'll just mix them together. You should be able to play the movies in this section in most of the common players. I recommend the VLC Media Player. It's a very flexible and powerfull player. Download at


This section contains pictures of Calvin and Hobbes of different kinds. It may be drawings of Calvin and Hobbes, og a picture of a Calvin and Hobbes tatto or clay figure. The files are all pictures, though.


This section contains executable files. They may be movies about C&H or other stuff. All files are scanned for viruses.

Powerpoint presentations

All "movies" in this section are MS powerpoint presentations. If you don't have MS PowerPoint and don't want to purchase it, I sugges you download OpenOffice. It's 100% free, and does the same job. It will let you show PPT files just fine. Download at

About uploading: As a registered user you can now upload files to this section. In this section only Powerpoint presenations (.ppt) files are allowed. Any other files will be removed.

IMPORTANT: This section is currently being swamped by files. Please do not blindly upload files. I did not open for upload to have you all sentoing everything at once. It's not a contest about having the most files uploaded. It's about having the best files uploaded. So: One file upload per day per person. I might make it one per week, but we'll see how things turn out. Also, please enter your name in the description of the movie.

Uploaded movies will no longer be announced in the news section.