Spiff in trouble!

Spiff in trouble!

During one of his routine missions, Spiff ran into trouble. Unexpectedly he came across a band of Xoorzyxx gangsters, and they had a shootout.

With some kind of new weapon they pummeled Spiff's spaceship until it floated dead in space. Leaving him for dead, the Xoorzyxx fled the scene. . . .

But Spiff wasn't dead. He was just using his newly installed feature: the "Play dead" button. He designed it for times when the enemy was too strong. Hitting ot shut down all onboard systems, except life support, making the enemy believe they had disabled his ship.

Unfortunately, the Xoorzyxx had hit his hyperdrive system, and also damaged his regular propulsion system. The only system that was left undamaged was his "Docking Tractor Beam", a system that let him pull himself onto the various launchpads and refueling stations floating in space.

Using this beam he can launch himself from a system, but he is still dependant on you - the launch pad operator - to help him reach the wormhole that takes him into the next world.

Can you manage to get Spiff safely back to earth?