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Your Top Ten Favorite Cartoons of All Time

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Tuesday 29 March 2011 12:17:53 am

Your Top Ten Favorite Cartoons of All Time

To start it off, YES, this is a response to Michael Sardoni's 'Top 7 Worst Cartoon Characters' forum. As I was replying to it, I thought about all the shows I used to watch as a kid trying to come up with the characters I least-liked on them, then I started thinking about all the favorite characters I loved. So, here's my Top Ten Favorite Cartoon Shows.

10.) Hey Arnold
9.) Rugrats
8.) House of Mouse
7.) Aladdin *animated series*
6.) 101 Dalmations *series*
5.) Garfield And Friends
4.) Jungle Cubs
3.) Animaniacs
2.) Scooby-Doo
1.) Fangface

Anyone else remember their fave cartoons?

<<< Anyone seen this cartoon? Anyone??

Left DCAH after 5 years, but I still check in now and then. I'm more active on Fanfiction.Net (Wherever Girl), DeviantArt (~She-Wolf91), and Youtube (Tomboyangel78).

Also, I'm Christian, AND PROUD OF IT! ...Just to let everyone know. I also love cartoons, even though I'm no longer a child. ...Cookies, anyone?

Rachel luvs2read

Tuesday 05 April 2011 10:02:27 pm

Here are mine!

1. Jungle Cubs

2. Krypto the SuperDog

3. A pup named Scooby-Doo

4. Looney Tunes

5. Huckleberry Hound

6. Care Bears

7. Pound Puppies

8. DuckTales

9. Johnny Test

10. Code Name Kids Next Door

My siblings grew up with most of these that I've listed. Before anyone gets upset that I wasn't in the 90's generation, chill. I still like to watch them.

Calvin and Hobbes rocks

Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Wednesday 06 April 2011 12:46:23 am

my top 5 ( from least best to best best)

5:Spongebob Squarepants(Nickelodeon)- yeah, some people might disagree with me on this one, but what do you expect from a network that airs stupid words?
4:Adventure Time with finn and jake(Cartoon Network)- this show is very awsome. do i have to say anymore?
3:Total Drama(Teletoon)- the best reality series i have ever watched. they also show it in the states, where i live, but they made a few edits to it.
2:MAD(Cartoon Network)-This series is totally funny! You Want Alfred e. Newman? you'regoing to get a lot of it inthis series.nuff' said
and (Numbuh) one is...
1:Codename: kids next door(cartoon network) seriolsly..who dosn't love this series? any series with a good plotline and many kids that go aganst the impact of adults is going score well in my book.
what's you're top 5?


Red Six

Tuesday 19 April 2011 9:58:22 pm

I only have one.

Dragon ball!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, it is the best thing to ever have been on a screen.

I am the one from whom refrigerators run.

Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Wednesday 20 April 2011 10:58:06 pm

That's not a cartoon!

That is an anime!



Thursday 21 April 2011 1:01:05 am

How exactly is an anime not a cartoon?

Me! :)


Thursday 21 April 2011 3:57:19 am

Maryanne's got a point, Colin

I'd say if it's animated, it's a cartoon. (especially since 'anime' is dangerously close to 'animated').

<<< Anyone seen this cartoon? Anyone??

Left DCAH after 5 years, but I still check in now and then. I'm more active on Fanfiction.Net (Wherever Girl), DeviantArt (~She-Wolf91), and Youtube (Tomboyangel78).

Also, I'm Christian, AND PROUD OF IT! ...Just to let everyone know. I also love cartoons, even though I'm no longer a child. ...Cookies, anyone?

Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Thursday 21 April 2011 4:11:33 am

The reason is,

An anime is different than a cartoon because of an increase in violence, swearing, sexual references, and dialog


Golden Shyguy

Thursday 21 April 2011 6:27:06 am

Anime is cartoon.

Anime is a form of a cartoon. In fact, the guy who inspired anime was the man who created the character "Donald Duck".

Anime is just a sub genre of cartoon.

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Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Thursday 21 April 2011 7:37:41 am

You mean walt Disney.

And now I understand the same. But can we please get back on our top 10 cartoons? It's getting off topic, and I bet I would wonder to hear what you think.


Simon Reilly

I'm not saying Professor Farnsworth is old, but if you consider his age, he's likely to die soon.

Monday 02 May 2011 12:31:22 am

Anime Doesn't have to be violent.

"My Neiboughr Totoro" is an excellet example of kid-friendly anime.

OH YEAH! UH HUH! WAHOO!... Nope, Chuck Testa.

Michael Sardoni

So what? I like Winnie the Pooh!

Wednesday 07 September 2011 8:47:01 pm

Here's MINE!

1. THE LION KING'S TIMON AND PUMBAA - Definetly one of the funniest Disney Channel shows, like, EVER! Too bad it's never on anymore.
2. JUNGLE CUBS - It's the adventures of THE JUNGLE BOOK characters when they were cubs. Whenevertheless, it's a pretty good show.
3. ANIMANIACS - Even though this show isn't on anymore, I still like it.
4. ARTHUR - This show is one of the longest-running cartoons to date. I'm glad - it's a great show, even though some characters are kinda annoying.......coughcoughcoughDWcoughcoughcough
5. GARFIELD AND FRIENDS - Back when Garfield was GOOD....... I like it a lot better than that stupid "Garfield Show" on Cartoon Network!
6. REGULAR SHOW - One of the only good "new" shows on Cartoon Network.
7. MAD - Basically a less innapropriate version of the magazine. Although some of the segments fall flat (such as "Naru-210" but others (such as "Pokemon Park" are hilarious!
8. THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL - Another one of the only good shows on Cartoon Network. But you know what? It's PRETTY DANG WEIRD! (I still like it though. Enough said)
9. PHINEAS AND FERB - The only thing on Disney Channel today worth watching.
10. SKUNK FU! - It's a good show. You can find some episodes online.

A Calvin and Hobbes fan that also likes Disney!

Alex Mitchell

Pikachu Rocks!

Thursday 22 September 2011 1:12:33 am

5 Most Favourite TO Least Favourite

5: Rocko's Modern Life
4: The Amazing World Of Gumball And Darwin
3: Good Luck Charlie
2: The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody
1: Phineas And Ferb

5: Yugioh
4: Jersey Shore
3: The Fairly OddParents
2: Digimon
1: T.U.F.F. Puppy

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My Favourite Book(s): Legend Of The Guardians
My Least Favourite Book(s): Dork Diaries "I Hate That Book So Much!!"
My Favourite Movie(s) Rio, Toy Story Any Pixar Movie, Any Pokemon Movie
My Least Favourite Movie(s) Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Digimon The Movie
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Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Friday 23 September 2011 3:18:36 pm

Simon- ( yes, i'm STILL calling you that.)

did you pay attention to my last post? we have to stay on topic. otherwise we would not cope and this would get deleted.
by the way, i have 5 more to add to my list.
5: peppa pig: i used to LOVE that show when i was 5. nuff said.
4:regular show: basiclly, this is one of the best shows on tv worth watching.
3:fairy odd parents: probly the only show on nick actully WORTH watching.
2:wacky races: i KNOW: i wasn't born around this time, but still, it's pretty good.
1:umm... i don't know.


DX Fan

F o r  y o u r  h e a l t h

Friday 23 September 2011 8:35:21 pm

My Top 5

5. Dexter's Laboratory
4. Hey Arnold!
3. Home Movies
2. Ed, Edd 'n Eddy
1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Thursday 12 July 2012 6:41:36 am

Brand Spankin' top 15 Favs

15:Spongebob: Sure, the show IS declining, but I mean seasons 1-3.
14:The Fairly Oddparents: I basiclly grew up with this show.
13eppa Pig: Yes, it's too young for my age, but what the heck.
12:Wacky Races: Thank GOODNESS for boomerang so I can watch this show!
11:Mad: Even though REGSHOW has lost my intrest slightly (and therefore not making the mega list) Mad STILL captures my Attention.
10: PPG: The queens of the cartoon cartoons STILL are awesome.
9: Johnny Bravo: A quite interesting show, in my opinion.
8: Dexter's Lab: All Star Directer? Check. Part of the Cartoon Cartoons? Check. Is Interesting? Quadruple Check!
7:What-A-Cartoon!: This is the best complition I had seen yet!
6:The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genuis: I personaly think that this cartoon is underated.
5: Freakazoid!: A combonation of Animaniacs-Style Humor and the Superhero aspect Turns out nice.
4:Johnny Test: Personally, This Cartoon is CLEARLY underated.
3:ATHF: Sure, it's more of an older-audience show, but c'mon!
2:Homestar Runner: Sure it's more of an internet meme, but who cares?
1: Codename: KND: the king of last time returns it's crown.
Honerable Mentions:
Ed, Edd, n Eddy
Courage: the cowardly dog
Cow and Chicken
Sheep in the Big City


Fiona Canfield C&H #1 Fan

Thursday 12 July 2012 6:44:46 pm

These are the only ones I can think of.

Best to worst:
1-My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic
2-Martha Speaks (hey, that counts.)
4-Courage the Cowardly Dog
5-Uh... Um.... I got nothing.

Nobody would ever know what music means to me. Ever.

I'm a fan of...
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DX Fan

F o r  y o u r  h e a l t h

Monday 16 July 2012 5:14:16 am

Make sure not to bring up dead topics, guys

Hi. I fix computers and stuff for a living...sort of.

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Ben Dierking

Tuesday 14 August 2012 12:58:08 am



Frank Tiberius

Thursday 23 August 2012 10:43:34 pm

My Top 10....

In NO particular order....

1. The Flintstones
2. Dexter's Laboratory
3. Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?
4. My Life as a Teenage Robot
5. Sam & Max (Freelance Police!!!)
6. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
7. King of the Hill
8. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
9. Mmmm.....
10. That's it really.

~ Frank Tiberius (formerly Bumper LEGO)
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