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I Hate The Amazing World of Gumball

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Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Monday 26 March 2012 3:26:57 am

I Hate The Amazing World of Gumball

That no good slime! All he does is being dumb and no more. Why, there's even a 3-year-old Who is smarter than him! And the way the show handles autisim- IT'S JUST SO WRONG! If being incredibly dumb is autism, which is what it's portrayed in the show, Then The world would fall apart! The show even recived positive reveiws, and had won an unbelivable amount of awards! Creaters, You are a pack of villians!

(Ps: Sorry for using frank's words)



Monday 26 March 2012 4:15:16 am

I have to agree with you 100 percent.

I think the only reason the show recieved so many awards is because they used different kings of animation, from 2D to puppets to reality... Great style, but bad plots. They even made an episode where the fish kisses Gumball (well, more like breathing air into his lungs since they were underwater), but it still seemed pretty wrong, especially since they're supposed to be brothers.

The show has SOME funny moments, but I think all the networks are going over-board with characters who lack thought. In older shows, there was basically only one or two half-wits that added comedy relief... now they're just throwing out lame-brains and grumpy characters.

In the words of Calvin's dad, I hate to learn what kids learn from this garbage.

Any other cartoons you'd like to bash while you're at it?

<<< Anyone seen this cartoon? Anyone??

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Ari Singer

Ima moppin teh floor with your SOUL!

Monday 26 March 2012 2:50:45 pm

Not just one...

...but the entire WQLN educational television network (except for Reading Rainbow, because that one actually makes some sort of sense)! You see, I agree with the philosophy to educate kids through TV all their lives, but let's face it - their shows are for five-year-olds. I mean, 93% of these so-called "educational" TV shows are about things that could never really happen. I've been plenty influenced by this kind of thing, even reduced to quoting stuff from the shows non-merping-stop! It's wrong, I tell you, too influential and unrealistic. It's fine for a while, but I was watching those shows at TEN YEARS OLD because... I don't even know why! The whole principle of this is to educate kids who don't have cable, but there are a lot of people over the age of four who don't have cable TV! And even if I did get cable, Cartoon Network is just obnoxious now. But that's beside the point! They're getting us addicted to this garbage because there simply is nothing better to watch! When I was younger and not nearly as much of a computer geek as I am now, the only thing to watch was 4Kids TV, and it only came on on Saturdays. I think somebody needs to explain the concept of aging to WQLN studios. I think the whole ball of wax had something to do with my attraction to computers...

But no more, I tell you! No more will I listen to this pathetic excuse for children's programming! Give me something worth watching, already!

(Note: The author of this post still enjoys watching WQLN nature programs.)

So, yep. Hi. I am twelve, male, white, Jewish, a HUGE sci-fi fanboy, and slightly insane.

Things I like: Papa John's pizza; That soda that comes in fruit flavors; This site; Calvin and Hobbes (surprise); Saturdays; My dog; My cat; My iPad; My computer; and more stuff.

Things I quite honestly could do without: Racism; homophobia; people who endlessly flaunt their religions on public websites; people who discriminate against somebody because of their race, religion, or sexual status; People who don't use proper grammar (people whose first language isn't English are excepted and accepted); People who say "retarded" when they mean "stupid"; Excessively negative people; and more stuff.

The end.

Red Six

Monday 26 March 2012 10:20:56 pm

... You could just watch the network shows.

Those really are the best shows on tv anyway.

I am the one from whom refrigerators run.


Monday 26 March 2012 10:39:58 pm

Only because...

They got rid of the GOOD shows. The last good shows I saw on Cartoon Network were Looney Tunes (the old ones), What's New Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Camp Lazlo, and Ed Edd n Eddy... and they only come on in the mornings. The whole rest of the day is booked with maybe only five shows (I haven't been watching TV all that much, so I don't know what's all on anymore), then it goes into Adult Swim.

I remember when I was a kid when Cartoon Network had several cartoons running ever half-hour. It used to be a 24-hour cartoon network, too. Now... it's gone.

...I hate discussions like this, it always makes me depressed to see half of my childhood has been executed. Thank God for the internet and video and DVD collections.

<<< Anyone seen this cartoon? Anyone??

Left DCAH after 5 years, but I still check in now and then. I'm more active on Fanfiction.Net (Wherever Girl), DeviantArt (~She-Wolf91), and Youtube (Tomboyangel78).

Also, I'm Christian, AND PROUD OF IT! ...Just to let everyone know. I also love cartoons, even though I'm no longer a child. ...Cookies, anyone?

Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Tuesday 27 March 2012 1:41:02 am

As I was saying.....

What do you guys think how autism is portrayed in the show?



Tuesday 27 March 2012 5:14:57 pm

I find it insulting.

Especially since everyone portrays autism as some sort of mental disability.

In my psychology class, we studied autism, even read a book about a girl who was born autistic-- didn't want to be held, laughed or screamed at random times, was afraid of the color red, and a few other things. But her parents helped her get over her fears and how to talk and everything.

The reason I brought that up is, autistic kids are just kids who need to learn, just like any other kid. It's no different than teaching a child how to tie their shoes. It's up to the parents and older siblings to help them out.

The way they portray autism in the show is cruel, as if saying all autistic people are idiots. THEY'RE NOT.

You want idiots? Look at the people in the American congress who ALLOW these shows to be on.

Okay, gotta end the rant here. My sister just ruined my day and I have to go blow off some steam.

<<< Anyone seen this cartoon? Anyone??

Left DCAH after 5 years, but I still check in now and then. I'm more active on Fanfiction.Net (Wherever Girl), DeviantArt (~She-Wolf91), and Youtube (Tomboyangel78).

Also, I'm Christian, AND PROUD OF IT! ...Just to let everyone know. I also love cartoons, even though I'm no longer a child. ...Cookies, anyone?

Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Saturday 19 May 2012 1:46:34 am


What do the other members think?


Simon Reilly

I'm not saying Professor Farnsworth is old, but if you consider his age, he's likely to die soon.

Sunday 01 July 2012 12:12:47 am

Absolutely Disgusting

I Have Never Been More Offended By Any cartoon ever aired (even Family Guy, Which as we all know is especially brutal in that sense). And to think that my Autistic friends STILL LIKE THE SHOW. It's Disgusting. Period.

OH YEAH! UH HUH! WAHOO!... Nope, Chuck Testa.

DX Fan

F o r  y o u r  h e a l t h

Moderated by: M E

Sunday 01 July 2012 11:19:39 pm


And I do have to agree that CN is taking it a little overboard with its programming. Most of the shows on nowadays look like they were made by stoners, with their heavy-metal influenced animation and usage of stronger language. Sure they had come cartoons with this style back then, but I don't remember there being WHOLE CHANNELS influenced by this.

And speaking of obnoxious cartoons, they have also been spawning obnoxious fanbases.

EDITED AGAIN: Hey, I was just trying to get my point across, Maryanne. Those are the only vids I could find. Sorry

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Trent Artmeier


Sunday 08 July 2012 2:42:32 pm




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Josh Champion

Sunday 19 August 2012 1:07:55 am

I can't tell if this is a joke or not.

Can one of you guys point out to me the episode or interview in which it was confirmed that any character in gumball has autism?

Kim Belding

Monday 20 August 2012 2:22:54 am

You could argue that Calvin is autistic.

That doesn't mean it ever explicitly says it.

Kim's Calvin and Hobbes Page:


Check out my webcomic!


Red Six

Thursday 23 August 2012 4:46:02 am

Or schizophrenic.

Also, Hi errybuddy!

I am the one from whom refrigerators run.

Josh Champion

Thursday 23 August 2012 5:23:31 pm

So let me get this straight -

You guys are complaining that gumball is a bad example of someone with autism, even though it's highly probable that he doesn't have autism? If this is the case then I think you guys are the ones with messed up views.

DX Fan

F o r  y o u r  h e a l t h

Thursday 23 August 2012 8:02:18 pm


What we are saying (Or at least what I'm trying to say) is that shows like TAWOG seem to be focusing on the negative aspects of autism. Just watch the show for a little, and I think that the producers were trying to get across that Gumball and darwin (Maybe Anais) have SOME type of disorder on the autistic spectrum. It's just that the message he delivers is so flawed and biased in perspective, it makes all of us with the disorder look like complete idiots. Just the way these kids act is sickening, and think about it: Kids in the future could be influenced by crap like that. It happens all the time. Kids pick up some weird stuff on TV or over the internet, and they get absorbed in it so much, they start doing the things the person or character is doing over the internet/show, no matter how horrible they are. And after that, its like a chain reaction. The cycle repeats itself.

This era of seemingly drug-influenced cartoons (Adventure Time is, again, for the most park, okay, but just look at the animation! What were they smoking?) has been trending with Cartoon Network for a while now. The animation in half of the shows Cartoon Network has on nowadays is so trippy, so disorienting, that it seems to, in a way that goes under my stupid description, "hypnotize" the kids. And that is probably a reason why I go on YouTube and see that there are a bunch of white-knighting obnoxious fanboys of these shows who call every single one of us nostalgic folk "nostalgiatards" and use the same argument against us all the time, saying that "We are stuck in the past and cannot adapt to change." What a load of incoherent bull. We CAN adapt to change. It's just that when it is change into shows like this, it's hard for us to do so, simply because it is too goddang...WIERD! This is NOT the type of change we want. A good example of change would be MLP:FIM. They took a bad, bad show and made it one of the best cartoons as of recently. If you agree, brohoof. /). That aside, a BAD change is this-


What is this I don't even.

They did the complete opposite-they took a seemingly good show and tuned it into utter crap. The producers should've KNOWN they were going to piss off several fans of the previous incarnation. But no, they blindly made it anyway, and now it's got a wave of premature fanboys who spew this junk out as funny and original and will do ANYTHING IN THE WORLD TO DEFEND IT. Ugh. This show is about as original as cardboard. All it is is the cartoon version of Seinfeld. But while Seinfeld was decent, this is horrible.

Now I know there are going to be a lot of people out there going, "You're a hypocrite because you are also technically a fanboy defending a show!" Well, look at the reaction between the two shows. MLP:FIM has bronies, which, while not as loving and tolerating as originally said to be, like what many non-bronies (Or closet bronies for that matter) consider a decent show. TLTS, however, and many people agree on this, is NOT a decent show. We understand they were refreshing it for a newer generation, but if this is what the newer generation has to offer, then that's sad.

The new Looney Tunes Show is so dull, so depressing, and so darn BOOORIIING that it REALLY lacks the class that the shorts had. I also understand that most of the producers, directors, animators, and voice actors have died decades ago, so getting the same crew is impossible. But they still could've at least put EFFORT into it instead of making this half-baked, poorly animated (Why the heck is Bugs purple?) unoriginal, bland, cliché mess of a show. It should've been ILLEGAL to produce waste of paper such as this. I know I said before that the show was decent, but after watching more episodes, I feel like it got WORSE.

Maybe there's a formula here:

Good show revamped for newer generation=Bad show

Bad show revamped for newer generation=Good show.

If this is what these children's networks want these younger kids to watch, then nope! Chuck Testa. Show them OUR cartoons. They were just as surreal as, say, The Amazing World of Gumball, but they were ENJOYABLE at least. They were original, the animation was fun, the characters shined with personality. It was awesome. Cartoon Network should follow in the tracks of Nickelodeon and make a block where they air the old shows, because Boomerang is becoming CN's dump for old shows, and...



Maybe there is hope for Cartoon Network yet. (Get rid of Chowder and Flapjack out of the block and ????? PROFIT.)

(I'm sorry if this is TL;DR, or if I came out a little biased, but I just wanted to speak my mind on this situation. Ok, I'm done now.)

And also, >mfw you said we have messed up views:


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Josh Champion

Thursday 23 August 2012 10:48:21 pm

But what if they're not focusing on any aspects of autism?

When someone is trying to make a new hit TV show, they don't immediately think "I know, I'll make the 3 main characters have some mild case of autism. That'll get the TV ratings through the roof!". If you think that the way the creator puts autism across is flawed, it's probably because the creator isn't putting that message across at all. If the show did have an autistic character, I'm sure one of the people working on it would've stated so in an interview.

The way that the kids act isn't sickening! I can't think of anything bad that they've done that doesn't happen in almost every other cartoon. Also, I'm sure that kids aren't going to copy anything that Gumball or Darwin do in the TV show. Why would they? Gumball and Darwin are two of the most unpopular kids in their school, and they're constantly getting mocked by other pupils. Hardly the sort of life that children want.

I can see what you mean about drug influenced cartoons, although I think you're overreacting, and saying that AT is drug influenced is . The only thing remotely trippy about Adventure time is possibly the choice of overly bright colours that they use. The art style isn't trippy in the slightest, and the animation is done by the same people as 'Johnny bravo' and 'Hey arnold'. The Problem Solverz is probably the most drug influenced cartoon that's still in production, and I'm pretty sure that's going to end after series 2 has been shown.

In a lot of cases people are stuck in the past. The first series of chowder was slammed online even though quite a few of the episodes where fantastic, and would've done incredibly well during the 90's, and I'm not aiming this at you but quite a lot of people hate adventure time and regular show because they're 'too weird'. I'm sorry but last time I checked, little girls don't have superpowers, kids don't have gigantic laboratories in their bedrooms, people don't give birth to cows or chickens, and imaginary friends don't take physical form as soon as they're thought of. The point of a cartoon is to be out of the ordinary, for it to do something that couldn't happen in real life, so why do people slam shows for that reason?

I'll agree with you that The looney tunes show is pretty bad. It seems like just another poor excuse for WB to yet again cash in on bugs bunny, and it's almost as if adding in the characters was an afterthought, like they'd thought up of this new show and then decided to add in looney tunes to make sure that it didn't fail. While I'm not a fan of mlp or the majority of it's fans, I've got to admit that it's a million times better than TLTS.

I'm not sure if you know this, but over in the UK we have a channel called Cartoon Network Too. For a year in 2007, the only things that they would show were dexter, PPG, Johnny bravo, Ed edd n eddy, courage the cowardly dog and a couple of the old hanna-barbera cartoons. Sadly this then changed to a channel devoted to ben 10, but when it was good, I watched it all the time. I know this seemed a bit irrelevant, but to me the cartoon planet block seems pretty similar to this.

Also, calling you messed up was pretty stupid, but I still don't this whole autism thing.

DX Fan

F o r  y o u r  h e a l t h

Friday 24 August 2012 12:20:34 am

Let me explain a few things:

1. Autism can mean diffrent things. Some say it can affect the brain's communication skils and therefore can have them sense things diffrently from others, like they are in their own little world. Some things that may be normal to everyone else may come out as baffling and stunning and fascinating to them. That's the more minor side of autism. It's called HFA (High Functioning Autism). Kinda like Asperger's. Or, sometimes it can be so severe that it disables the mind drastically and some become mute over the course of time and cannot walk or do anything without assistance. That is LFA (Low Functioning Autism), similar to Down's. When I mean autism in this case I meant HFA, not to confuse you. I said Darwin and Gumball have HFA because really, a lot of the time, what seems hnormal to other people in their world seems strange to them a lot of the time. That, and it could've peen passed down by Gumball's mother, who seems to have short temper problems. It just feels like they have it. Just because it was never actually revealed does not mean it isn't possible. Just look at Kim's...much shorter post. I think he says it well enough.

2. What I meant when I said the kids' behavior was sickning was that it just felt awkward. So many things going on at once makes it feel wierd. Oh, and a lot of kids do pick up what they see on TV. Not too long ago, a kid and his friends were watching Naruto when a character was buried in thd sand. They tried to do this IRL by burying the kid into the sand. Little did they know the kid could not breathe under there, and therefore, he died afterwards. So yes, kids CAN pick up things from these cartoons and try them out, no matter how lethal they are.

3. Okay, maybe the animation in Adventure Time is not THAT bad, but the show itself still is pretty awkward and disorienting if you don't include the animation. And yes, Problem Solverz is crap.

4. It's just that we feel like the formula of strange and surreal seems to be running dry and is getting old. It doesn't work as well as it used to. And that is what makes me believe these networks are starting to run out of ideas.

I just wanted to be more detailed here. Sorry if I came off as a bit harsh.

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A guy

Walfas is best Cirno

Monday 08 December 2014 12:03:16 am

I guess I'll agree with you....

My thoughts on this;

I myself am autistic. I take these summer bike camps, only for autistic people. I'll talk about why this matters later. So yesterday I talked to my mom about this, and so we watched it. It was hard to watch it, because we didn't have Cartoon Network. But we figured some way out (can't remember how) on watching it.

Anyways, I saw lots of autism, but my mom didn't. Why? Because I compared it to those other kids from my biking class! (Five years and I still hate it) I didn't know why, but if you guys think that show offends autism, see everyone other cartoon(Okay, maybe not. What about those 'wise' characters, like Yoda?) But there is one character I think is the most autistic one I've ever seen... Drumroll, please!

Sonic. Sonic even started a MEME with his autism. It's called Sanic, one part tries offending autism with the most terrible remix of Green Hill Zone, and it's almost confirmed 'Loudest Youtube video ever'. It also induces really dumb voices as the autistic people. The second part is a bunch of GIFs that shows Sonic running really stupid. An example of these things;


I actually find this very funny, I don't know why. I've put it in a lot of strips of clvn n hobz. I think what made this was that new Sonic Boom series on Cartoon Network(don't ask me how I knew about this, I have no idea). One example is this;


Just... just.. WHY?!?

I'm a guy with a Cirno avatar!

Chemical Dude

This site is back?

Friday 02 January 2015 2:15:15 am

ohmygosh WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?

Where my earlier years on this site really [I]THIS[/I] dumb?

and how did you connect sanic of all things to autism, @OOTLDCAHU?