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Freaking SNOW

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DX Fan

F o r  y o u r  h e a l t h

Tuesday 15 April 2014 6:38:20 pm

Freaking SNOW


They're saying that temperatures will dip into the 30s tonight, and leftover rain will turn into snow.

I hate that stupid white stuff. I hate it. We were due for a good snow day, but does it have to be falling almost every. Single. Day? It's SPRING now. Y'know, that time of year where flowers and plants begin to bloom and the animals that were once in hibernation come out? And, oh IDK, IT STARTS GETTING WARMER???!!!?!?!?!?!!11

I mean seriously Mother Nature...get your crap together!

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Michael Sardoni

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Wednesday 16 April 2014 4:11:39 pm

It's the winter that never ends

That is all.

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