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Steve N

Thursday 20 October 2011 4:38:53 am

If Calvin was Peremently Transformed into the following,what will it be?

Calvin was Peremently Transformed into the following,what will it be?

a)Spaceman Spiff

b)Stupendous Man

c)Tracer Bullet

d)a tiger :3

uhhh... this is awkward

Anonymous Ninja

A C&H Pokemon card.

Thursday 01 December 2011 1:11:30 am

Stupendous Man

I think he should be turned into Stupendous Man.

Hobbies: Video games, the internet, reading C&H
Favorite TV show(s): The Amazing World of Gumball, Ninjago
Favorite book (series): C&H
Least favorite person: Bullies/jerks
Thing that makes me want to pull my hair out: My brother


Friday 27 January 2012 3:36:04 am

What kind of Calvin and Hobbes strips do you like the best?




-Sunday strips

<<< Anyone seen this cartoon? Anyone??

Left DCAH after 5 years, but I still check in now and then. I'm more active on Fanfiction.Net (Wherever Girl), DeviantArt (~She-Wolf91), and Youtube (Tomboyangel78).

Also, I'm Christian, AND PROUD OF IT! ...Just to let everyone know. I also love cartoons, even though I'm no longer a child. ...Cookies, anyone?

Trent Artmeier


Sunday 19 August 2012 8:28:47 pm

Digital calvin and hobbes day today :D

which is Best?

a)digital moe
b)digital calvin and hobbes


Name: I Happy Devon, You're Came Back!
Age: 8
Fav TV Show: Gravity Falls, OLD Spongebob, Super Why!, Invader ZIM, Animaniacs, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, Paw Patrol,
Fav Book: Calvin and Hobbes
Fav Music: Super Mario Medley, Boy's Don't Cry, A Forest, In The Hall of the Mountain King
Fav Food: Burger, Pizza, Bacon
Fav Color: Blue
Fav TV Character: Wakko W.


Ari Singer

Ima moppin teh floor with your SOUL!

Monday 22 October 2012 5:15:27 pm

I'm back, and I brought a poll suggestion.

If a Calvin and Hobbes movie ever came out, would you go see it?

A. Yeah!
B. Maybe, but I probably wouldn't like it.
C. No, but I might rent it later.
D. No.

So, yep. Hi. I am twelve, male, white, Jewish, a HUGE sci-fi fanboy, and slightly insane.

Things I like: Papa John's pizza; That soda that comes in fruit flavors; This site; Calvin and Hobbes (surprise); Saturdays; My dog; My cat; My iPad; My computer; and more stuff.

Things I quite honestly could do without: Racism; homophobia; people who endlessly flaunt their religions on public websites; people who discriminate against somebody because of their race, religion, or sexual status; People who don't use proper grammar (people whose first language isn't English are excepted and accepted); People who say "retarded" when they mean "stupid"; Excessively negative people; and more stuff.

The end.

Bill Ng

Image not Found

Tuesday 23 October 2012 4:41:57 pm

DCH city

Do you really go to DCH my minicity?

A:Yeah, I visit there a lot!

B:Nah, not always maybe 3 or 4 times a week.

C:I can only visit it like one time a week.

D:Whats DCH city/minicity?

I'm back after maybe 2 years.

Isabelle Youngman

Thursday 01 November 2012 11:40:52 pm

Really good!

I've got two!

Would you like to meet Calvin and Hobbes?

How often do you take one of your stuffed animals and act like Calvin?
Every day.
Only on weekends
About once every month
On my birthday as a special treat
About once a year

Spiffeta: Yay! It's retirement day!
(Later, t the body shop)
Spiffeta: I always enjoy the smell of worn-out rubber.

Jonathan Mo

Tuesday 17 June 2014 10:05:09 pm

Out of all these teams, which one should Calvin be in?

Akron Rubber Sox
Atlanta Aces
Arizona Phoenix
Baltimore Harbor
Boston Baysox
Bridgeport Whalers
Brooklyn Snappers
Buffalo Bison
Charlotte Giants
Chicago Steel
Cincinnati Tigers
Cleveland Cubs
Columbus Titans
Dallas X-Men
Denver Bobcats
Detroit Tuskers
Houston Rangers
Indianapolis Admirals
Jacksonville Speed
Kansas City RedBirds
Los Angeles Starz
Miami Sun
Milwaukee Iron Pigs
Minnesota (Minneapolis) Braves
Montreal Chiefs
Nashville Sounders
New Jersey Hitmen
New Orleans Jazz
New York Liberty
Ohama Thunder
Orlando Skyforce
Oklahoma City 66ers
Ottawa Senators
Phillidelphia Cheesesteaks
Pittisburgh Steel Bears
Raleigh Red Sox
Salem Bears
San Diego Bolts
San Fransisco Dolphins
San Jose Lions
Seattle SkyHawks
Sioux City Musketeers
Sioux City Skyfall
St. Louis Blazers
Tacoma Wild
Tallaheesee Sharks
Tampa Threshers
Toronto Monarchs
Vancouver Huskies
Washington Yankees.

This is Jonathan! Hello!