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Mega Hobbes

Mega Man Zero!

Wednesday 27 December 2017 9:02:30 am


Exciting new projects coming to DCAH!
Mecha Warrior Ultra 2 (Tutorial + Bunker + Citadel stage available in demo, full version has the rest of the stages which include a ruined city, prison, wasteland, antagonist's hideout [not saying what his name is because there has yet for there to be new information announced!])
Ragnarok Apocalypse (An action RPG like Secret of Mana, be the hero and stop the evil monster taking lifeforms away from the world of Alaria! [trying my best not to rip off/steal Xenoblade Chronicles 2])
An unknown Visual Novel DCAH project inspired by Steins Gate or Chaos Head, shall we call it Calvin's Gate and/or Chaos Calvin?
EvE HD! (A remake of EvE C&H Edition, featuring a traditional fighting game HUD like the one you'd see in games like Capcom vs SNK 2, Street Fighter or Guilty Gear, features more animated effects and sound effects and such)
Possible tactical role-playing game for DCAH (similar to Disgaea and Fire Emblem)
A new traditional role-playing game?
Metal Hobbes in the Digital World! An upcoming project series on DCAH! It will have four chapters. It's going to be like Mega Man X and Zero. Defeat bosses and stop the antagonist!
I will work on these once my office is corrected. More coming soon.

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